Finding Time to Plan

At the start of a new year, a common resolution is to be more organized. So we buy planners, download a few apps to keep us on track, sift through all of the unnecessary emails, and so on. But what I find I need is to find the time to just accomplish the tasks that keep building up. This can be especially hard when planning your wedding, because now you have to complete professional, personal and wedding-related tasks, and you have to find time to binge watch that show – there’s so much to do!

I may not be planning a wedding, but I know the struggles of finding time to do even the smallest tasks and not letting them take over my life. Here are a few things that I do to get more done and stay less stressed.

1) The ‘power hour’

We all have that certain time of the day when we are at our most productive. For me, it has always been first thing in the morning after a few sips of tea or coffee. My ideas and thoughts are fresh and I find that if I accomplish something during that time, I feel much more powerful throughout the day.

2) Don’t take on too much

I set attainable goals. I have two kids, so I know my limits. If I have some work to do for a client one day, that’s what I do and I postpone working on my own sites for another day. Sometimes my tasks are personal such as writing thank you notes, and again, I don’t over do it, I do what I can.

3) Ask for help

When I ask for help with tasks, it makes things go so much quicker and I get new ideas for how to make things better. If you are researching vendors, or putting together invitations, ask for help! You’ll have more fun while doing it and those helping you will enjoy their time with you.

4) Stay on top of things

It’s so easy to let things build up, whether it is clutter around the home or small tasks to accomplish in our lives. For me, it all feels like clutter, and I have found that the best way to manage it is to do a little at a time throughout the day or week. That way, I am not overwhelmed with everything all at once and I feel much more in control.

Now that I’ve accomplished the task of writing this post, I can go about my day feeling proud and ready to tackle other things! I hope you find more time in your life without feeling anxiety or stress over what needs to be done.



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