Hi, I’m Ellen and I style brides. My experience comes from designing and styling my own wedding attire and from my 10 years as a bridal consultant for a small, boutique-style bridal business.

When I was a bride, it was very important to me that my bridal look was 100% me. I wasn’t interested in something I had seen in a magazine, in fact, I never saw anything that I fell in love with. So, I made the decision to have my dress made and loved the process of selecting fabrics and style elements. As a bridal consultant, I have worked with hundreds of women to help them find their own personal bridal style.

Today, I am so excited to help you style your perfect bridal look and give you great information that will help you as you go from bride-to-be to wife. From the dress to the veil, from the good days and the bad, I will go the extra mile to make you feel incredible when you walk down the aisle.




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