My First Post

I’ve been dreaming of this for a long time now, but to be honest, I really didn’t know what “this” was. After years of procrastinating, starting, stopping and enough ideas to fill up my Google docs, I have committed myself to this blog: Brides by Ellen. It sort of feels like I am leaping off a cliff into beautiful blue water and I could not be more excited.

On this blog, you can expect to read about being a bride. For many years, I worked as a bridal stylist in a boutique setting and found that nearly every bride found herself at some point experience a myriad of emotions throughout the planning process. Each piece of wedding planning is new and the result can be overwhelming. Not to mention there are so many opinions along the way. So. Many. Let me help shoulder some of your crazy and get you through with a smile on your face.

Personal Stuff: I am 33 years old, married (going on 10 years!), two gorgeous boys, two cats and a dog.
Professional: I am a bridal stylist, marketing and PR aficionado, and aspiring entrepreneur.




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