Wedding Dress Selection

Hi Ladies!

I have witnessed hundreds of brides ‘say yes to the dress,’ and others leave saddened that they didn’t find ‘the one.’ I’ve seen brides fall in love with the first dress she puts on and others try on dozens before making a decision. Selecting a wedding dress is different for every bride, but no matter which type you are, I have three helpful tips that will keep you on track to your yes!


Tip #1 – Leave the entourage at home.

Successful shoppers don’t bring a crowd. You made the decision to get married to your fiance and you can make the decision on your dress for that day. I always encourage a bride to bring someone with her who can offer support without interjecting his/her opinion. For you, this could be your mother, father, sister, bff, aunt, etc., but try very hard to choose just one. In the world of wedding dress shopping three (and four and five, six and seven…) is a crowd!

Tip #2 – Know your style, but open your mind.

Your consultant will probably want to know where your wedding is and what type of dress you have in mind, but she will also take clues from your style when you walk in the door as she will want to match a dress to your personality. So, be honest when you answer the questions and show her as many photos as you have saved for your dream look. And when she pulls out a dress that is not what you were thinking, try it on! She knows her dresses and can probably pinpoint what will be the most flattering, so keep an open mind and try some things you may not be sure of.

Tip #3 – It’s OK to find something

I know, it is fun and exciting to try on all that tulle, silk and lace, and since we aren’t all invited to Hollywood awards shows, we don’t get to do this too often! But, my advice here is that when you find something that you love, that suits you to perfection, then you should get it. And then you stop looking…

Now call and make those appointments to find your dream dress!


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