Handmade Wedding Dresses


If Etsy had been what it is today when I was planning my wedding, I probably would have spent all my money there. And did you know that you can purchase wedding dresses on Etsy? There are many retailers offering handmade dresses at all price points (the styles I found were typically between $1500 and $4000) and they are often made-to-measure. This isn’t to say you may not need a seamstress to do some alterations when you receive your dress, but it should be pretty close. I am going to fill this post with styles that I found on various Etsy sites, but please note that I have not ordered from these sites and do not have any affiliation with them. I simply find the dresses to be pretty. I will provide links to their sites if you love what you see too!

Lace and Silk Dress by SaintIsabel

Image via // Etsy

Floral Wedding Dress by FrenchKnotCouture

Image via // Etsy

Sequin Bodice Wedding Dress by CleoandClementine

Image via // Etsy // Photo by Galaxie Andrews

Beaded Bateau Neckline Hi-Lo Dress by SunjinLee

Image via // Etsy

Silk Crepe Dress by TonyHamawy

Image via // Etsy

Hand Embroidered Silk Chiffon Dress by uplingerpoppy

Image via // Etsy

Silk Satin Dress with Lace Bodice by LisaWagnerDesigns

Image via // Etsy

Lace Racerback Dress by JillianFellers

Image via // Etsy

Silk Satin Dress by RebeccaSchoneveld

Image via // Etsy // Photography Anneke Schoneveld

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