Finding Your Bridal Style

Before you start shopping for your wedding dress, it is important to think about what your bridal style will be 1. What is a common theme on your wedding Pinterest board? Images via // Pinterest When I look at a bride’s Pinterest boards, it helps me to put the pieces together of what her style is… Continue reading Finding Your Bridal Style



100 Years of Wedding Dresses from

Have you seen this great video? It showcases wedding dresses from each decade going back 100 years and does a great job identifying the common trends of the time. I have always loved the 50s style wedding dress; it just felt youthful, happy and flirty, which was so much different than the decades prior. The video nailed the 80s wedding dress, complete with poofy sleeves, lace, a high neck and even higher hair! Take a quick 3 minutes to check out the video, you won’t be disappointed.