The New David’s Bridal Ad Campaign

There is a lot of talk the past couple of days about David’s Bridal featuring a model who wears a size 14 in their ads. As someone who has been on the front lines of helping brides choose their wedding dresses, I am so happy to see this. It is so discouraging for brides to have to stare at size 6 models in magazines when most women don’t look like that. I have always thought that the dresses look better on REAL women than on models. And when you find your dress, it doesn’t matter what the size is, because you are looking fierce and beautiful.


Image credit // David Burton

I do have to say that the one part of this discussion that is nagging at me is that some of the articles refer to the model as “plus size.” I really wish we could stop labeling people based on where they fall on a size chart. Let’s just look at how beautiful all brides are in their wedding dresses, no matter what the label says.

Hopefully creative decisions such as this start to become the norm and stop becoming news.


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