My Favorite Things On Pinterest This Week

Don’t you love falling down the Pinterest rabbit hole? I had to delete the app from my phone because it was becoming all-consuming. But I obviously still get my fix on the laptop or iPad. There have been a couple of stand out things this week that I have come across and I thought you might like them too.

This dress by Anne Fontaine is everything. I love the detail at the collar and sleeve and the simple and flattering design of the dress is lovely.


Image via // Anne Fontaine

This collar by Anne Fontaine. Okay I may be a little obsessed with this brand. But this is amazing and I would try to wear it every day.


Image via // Anne Fontaine

This crown. OMG. I would feel like a goddess.


Image via // The Beauty Department

This hairstyle. Why won’t my hair grow faster?!!


Image via // Lauren Conrad

This adorable Piglet quote.


Image via // Disney Baby

And Phyllis Neffler.


Image via // Instagram

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